Women’s Ministry January 2017

Women’s Ministry January 2017

Thank you to all the women and girls who attended the Christmas dinner and worked to fill over a hundred gift bags and make cards for shut-ins and nursing home residents. They were greatly appreciated.

Do you ever wonder why we have a women’s ministry? Or why you should be part of it? Here are some thoughts.

From Lifeway: Why Have a Women’s Ministry?

  1. To help churches grow numerically and spiritually.
  2. To help women feel accepted when they join your church.
  3. To open the door to meaningful relationships.
  4. To encourage women to discover, develop, and use their spiritual gifts.
  5. To minister to today’s woman.
  6. To provide vision and networking for both inreach and outreach ministries.
  7. To offer “woman-to-woman” understanding.
  8. To offer “woman-to-woman” lay counseling.
  9. To encourage spiritually older women to mentor (teach) spiritually younger women.
  10. To follow Jesus’ example of ministry to and with women.
  11. To help women fight spiritual battles.
  12. To affect families as women’s lives are drawn closer to Christ.

If you haven’t participated in our women’s ministry, pray about joining us and helping us grow the ministry spiritually.

Don’t forget there is no meeting in January. February 14 will be a business meeting to continue planning upcoming events, including outreach events, a tea, prayer events, and more.


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